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Child poverty is a regrettable and painful reality in British Columbia and every other province in Canada. The poverty rates in BC have moved up and down over the years, but we have been unable as a society to break the bonds of poverty for significant numbers of children and their parents.

Children remain poor because their parents remain poor. That may sound like stating the obvious, but it underlines a fundamental paradox in the fight against child poverty. We all say we value children and want to give children the best possible start in life, yet we ignore the needs of parents who are struggling to do their best amid the many demands of parenting in today's busy world.

New Economic Equality Resources

2014 BC Child Poverty Report Card: Every November through our partnership with Campaign 2000, First Call releases a Report Card profiling child poverty in BC. You can read the 2014 BC Child Poverty Report Card and take action at our special report card website: www.still1in5.ca

UBC Law School Talk: Child and Family Poverty and Public Policy: A Women’s Issue? 
In early October 2013, First Call's Adrienne Montani spoke at the UBC Faculty of Law, Centre for Feminist Legal Studies lecture series in front of an attentive crowd of students and faculty. The CFLS lecture series provides an opportunity to hear about the work of different people and to discuss how the law works, especially as it affects women’s rights. Watch her talk here

Letter to party leaders about child support clawbacks (April 2013)

Notes from First Call Briefing Meeting with Ministry of Social Development re income assistance program changes, by tele-conference (October 11, 2012)

BC's Regional Poverty Reduction Strategies - 7 Communities Report (Aug 2012)

Summary of and Commentary on Community Poverty Reduction Strategies in BC (2012)

BC Child Poverty Report Card (2011)
This annual report card provides detailed statistics on child poverty in BC, and make recommendations for ending poverty.

BC Child Poverty Report Card Slide Pack (2011)

•This slide pack has been produced from the information published in the BC Campaign 2000 2011 Child Poverty Report Card by First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition.
•The slides and accompanying notes are available for use by anyone in the community.
•Please feel free to use individual slides, groups of slides or all of them in your advocacy work for children and youth.
•If you have questions about the data or data sources, please contact the First Call office at info@firstcallbc.org or 604-873-8437.
This project was completed with the support of a Vancity Community Project Grant

The Cost of Poverty in BC (2011)
This report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives examines the costs of the lack of action on poverty reduction. Check out the short video, too!

National Child Poverty Report Card (2011)

News Release: BC Child Poverty Rate Rises Again (Nov 2011)

Working for a Living Wage 2011
This summary report updates the 2008 living wage calculation for Metro Vancouver. To find out more about the Living Wage for Families Campaign, visit www.livingwageforfamilies.ca.