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First Call Child Labour Campaign Child Labour is No Accident

May 9, 2013: Today First Call: BC Child & Youth Advocacy Coalition published a new research report "Child Labour is No Accident: The Experience of BC’s Working Children"

*On the eve of publishing the report, we received important new data from WorkSafe BC. Since it was too late to integrate this new data into the report, we have included it as an addendum.

We want to take this opportunity to extend a thank you to everyone who participated in this project: the youth who shared their stories, our advisory committee, the partner organizations who helped us connect with youth in their communities; the facilitators and interviewers for their work on the ground; our editors and designer, and project funder, the Law Foundation of British Columbia, for providing us with the resources to bring them all together.

We encourage you to share the report with your networks, and to help us create the momentum needed to ensure that the problems highlighted by this report receive the attention they deserve, and result in concrete policy changes.

Building on this research, our next step will be writing a policy framework to present to the new government to guide the changes necessary to protect BC's children and youth.

Media Coverage of the Child Labour Report:

We were thrilled that the report was featured on the front page of the print edition of the Vancouver Sun and that Adrienne's oped was published:

May 2013: Responses to First Call's Questions about Crucial Child & Youth Issues from BC Provincial Political Parties

In the lead up to the May 14, 2013 Provincial Election, First Call sent questionnaires to all four of the major political parties in BC on a range of issues that related to the Four Keys to Success for Children and Youth: 1) A Strong Commitment to Early Childhood Development; 2) Support in Transitions from Childhood to Youth to Adulthood; 3) Increased Economic Equality; and 4) Safe and Caring Communities.

We have included the parties’ responses in their entirety; however we have bolded the sections that were most relevant to the question asked. We did not receive a reply from the Conservative Party.

See the responses to Questions on all 4 of the keys here
See the responses to Key #1: A Strong Commitment to Early Childhood Development
See the responses to Key #2: Support in Transitions from Childhood to Youth to Adulthood
See the responses to Key #3: Increased Economic Equality
See the responses to Key #4: Safe and Caring Communities

2013 Provincial Budget Submision
First Call’s recommendations for a child and youth friendly budget.

Systemic Advocacy Slide Pack (2012)
An overview of systemic advocacy principles, strategies and tools for use in training parents, professionals, students, and other community members.

•This slide pack has been produced from the information published in the BC Campaign 2000 2011 Child Poverty Report Card by First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition.
•The slides and accompanying notes are available for use by anyone in the community.
•Please feel free to use individual slides, groups of slides or all of them in your advocacy work for children and youth.
•If you have questions about the data or data sources, please contact the First Call office at or 604-873-8437.
This project was completed with the support of a Vancity Community Project Grant

Canada Ranks 24th out of 35 Developed Countries for Child Poverty (2011)
UNICEF Graph of Child Poverty Rates in Rich Countries

BC Child Population Change Graph 2006-2011

BC Campaign 2000 Child Poverty Report Card (2011)
This annual report card provides detailed statistics on child poverty in BC, and make recommendations for ending poverty.

Advocacy Tools from the Federation of Community Social Services of BC (2010)
Also download Communications and Message Recommendations from the Roundtable of Provincial Social Services.

2011 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission
First Call’s recommendations for a child and youth friendly budget.

2011 Federal Pre-Budget Submission
First Call’s recommendations for a child and youth friendly budget.

Belonging 4 Ever: Creating Permanency for Youth in and from Care (2010)
This report from the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks and First Call examines what permanency means for children and youth, what is being done to support family or family-like connections for children and youth in care, and how we can do better at protecting their right to permanency.

Working for a Living Wage 2011
This summary report updates the 2008 living wage calculation for Metro Vancouver. To find out more about the Living Wage for Families Campaign, visit

Expanding Access to Full-Day Kindergarten: Pay Attention to the Details (2010)
Article by First Call's Adrienne Montani in the BC Teachers' Federation's Newsmagazine.

What's Happening to Our Children?: A Look at Work-Related Injury Claims in BC Over the Past 10 Years (2009)
This report examines the startling increase in the number of workplace injury claims accepted by WorkSafeBC since BC's work-start age was lowered to 12 in 2003.

Report from Taking Stock of Youth Wellbeing in BC Today: A Forum (2009)
This June 2009 event brought together First Call partners, youth and youth-serving agencies to examine current research and policy issues impacting young people in BC.

The Many Faces of Advocacy for Children and Youth: 2007/2008 Provincial Forums in Five BC Communities (2009)
First Call and the BC Centre for Safe Schools and communities met with 180 community representatives from various regions across British Columbia to learn how to best support the healthy development of BC's children and youth. This report outlines the findings from these community dialogue sessions.

An Overview of Initiatives Affecting Early Childhood Development
Updated September 2008. This compilation provides an overview of recent major initiatives that are affecting Early Childhood Development (ECD) in British Columbia, Canada. Most comments are excerpts from the relevant web sites. This is a work in progress as the initiatives are continually changing.

BC Campaign 2000 Child Poverty Report Card (2008)
Every November through our partnership with Campaign 2000, First Call releases a series of report cards profiling child poverty in BC.
Download the 2008 version:
Black and white (printer friendly)
Campaign 2000 National Report Card for 2008

Living Wage Campaign Information
Visit our new web page on the Living Wage for Families Project.

First Call's Resolution in Support of Jordan's Principle
On April 9, 2008 First Call unanimously passed a resolution in support of Jordan's Principle, a child-first approach to resolving government jurisdictional disputes. We are now working to ensure that the provincial government takes action on their commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of Aboriginal children through implementation of Jordan's Principle.

Early Childhood Development in BC: First Call's Framework for Action (Revised 2008)
This paper highlights the research, policy and advocacy links to Early Childhood Development and describes the five components of First Call's ECD basket framework.

BC Context for Child Care in the Face of Corporate Intrusions and Government Obstinacy (2008)
First Call Provincial Coordinator Adrienne Montani's speaking notes from her presentation at the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC's Annual General Meeting.

Early Childhood Education Staffing Survey Results (2008)
In October/November 2007, First Call conducted a survey of Early Childhood Educators in BC.  The results of this survey demonstrate that services to young children and families will continue to be in crisis until both levels of government recognize the need, and commit to building an integrated, planned and adequately funded system for early learning and child care in BC.
Media Release

Leveling the Playing Field for Children: A Community Action Toolkit (2007)

This Community Action Toolkit provides information and resources on how to level the economic playing field for children and youth, including advocacy work around issues such as early learning and child care, child benefits, affordable housing, and parental leave. Open the bookmarks function to use the index of hyperlinks when navigating this document (in Adobe go to View>Navigation Panels>Bookmarks).

The factsheets from this toolkit are also available in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Improving the Mental Health of Young Children (2007)
Prepared for BC Healthy Child Development Alliance by Dr. Charlotte Waddell, this paper describes the high prevalence of mental health disorders in children, the shortfalls in current programs and services, and the impact on children and society.

Tracking the One Time Only Funding Grant
Updated July 2007. First Call has compiled a summary of one time funding grants from the Ministry of Children and Family Development and Ministry of Education for 2006/2007.

Child and Youth Development and Income Inequality: Review of Selected Literature (2007)
As part of our Leveling the Playing Field Project we have compiled a review of the relationship between income poverty, inequality and child outcomes in Canada, with a particular focus on studies completed since 1998.

Early Childhood Development Presentation Toolkit
This presentation and meeting kit has been developed to assist you when speaking to decision-makers and other influential groups and individuals about the importance of the early years and the need for community-based family and early childhood education and care services that are supported by effective social and fiscal policies.