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Children and youth need to have a place and be welcomed in their community, including having options to volunteers and contribute in ways that are important to them. All children and youth need friendly communities where they are encouraged to participate and that support them and their families as they grow.

Corinne’s Quest campaign to protect children from physical punishment

A new campaign group under the name Corinne’s Quest, led by parenting educator Kathy Lynn, has joined with First Call to take up more active work on ending the legislation that allows for the physical punishment of children.


Current Issues

May 2015: Reducing Childhood Exposures to Phthalates

April 2015: First Call Transit Referendum Information Sheet

April 2013: Lessons from the Third/Fourth Review of Children’s Rights in Canada

Submission for Second Universal Periodic Review of Canada, UN Human Rights Council, 16th Session, April-May, 2013

Submission by the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children

Read the full submission here.

March 2013:  Health Professionals Sign Open Letter Calling for B.C. Pesticide Ban

The Canadian  Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) is campaigning to win a province-wide pesticide ban in B.C. Over 100 doctors and nurses signed an open letter, now published as an ad (download the pdf) saying:
We, the undersigned health professionals, urge the B.C. government to enact a province-wide ban on the use and sale of non-essential pesticides. This ban would prohibit pesticides in such settings as lawns, gardens, parks, and sports fields. Pesticides could only be used to protect public health and commercial agriculture.

Please write to the Premier and the Opposition Leader with this simple message:

Subject:  I support a ban on lawn and garden pesticides!

Please see this open letter (download the pdf) signed by BC’s doctors and nurses calling for a province-wide ban on the use and sale of cosmetic pesticides.

Their e-mails are:    premier@gov.bc.ca   and    adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca

There is also an on-line petition you can sign on the CAPE website.

November 2012: First Call has prepared a resource about how to Take Action to Reduce Toxic Exposures.You can find it here.

October 2012: Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, Child & Family Research Institute, BC Children’s Hospital
Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University. Powerpoint slides from his presentation to the October 10th Coalition Meeting: Protecting Children from Environmental Toxicants
The Neglected Legacy of Rachel Carson

October 2012: In response to the recent review of Canada's record on children's rights, which resulted in a large number of recommendations for Canada, the Canadian Coalition for the Rights fo Children has released a call to action on those recommendations.

October 2012: Please sign and send a copy of First Call's sample letter to the Premier, encouraging her to support a ban on the use and sale of toxic chemicals for domestic and cosmetic use in BC.

January 2012: Visit our campaign website www.nochildlabour.org to complete the Youth Work Experience Survey and help us find out where kids are working and if they're safe.

December 2011: First Call is part of a group of organization calling for a ban on the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides in BC. Read the statement in support of a ban.

November 2011: Read the First Call Summary of the BC Supreme Court Polygamy Reference Decision

December 2009: First Call supports the call for a province-wide legislated ban on the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides. Find out more about this campaign.

June 2009: Canada's third report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child is overdue. The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children has prepared a list of priorities for Canada's implementation of the Convention.

January 2009: First Call has written a letter to Prime Minister Harper in support of the repatriation of former child soldier Omar Khadr.

First Call is a signator to an open letter to Senators in support of repealing section 43 of the criminal code which excuses the physical "correction" of children.

On April 9, 2008 First Call unanimously passed a resolution in support of Jordan's Principle, a child-first approach to resolving government jurisdictional disputes. We are now working to ensure that the provincial government takes action on their commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of Aboriginal children through implementation of Jordan's Principle.

First Call's Resolution in Support of Jordan's Principle

Letter to Premier Campbell urging the implementation of Jordan's Principle through legislation

First Call is a signator to an open letter to Senators in support of repealing section 43 of the criminal code which excuses the physical "correction" of children.