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Children and youth need to have a place and be welcomed in their community, including having options to volunteers and contribute in ways that are important to them. All children and youth need friendly communities where they are encouraged to participate and that support them and their families as they grow.

Repeal Section 43 of the Criminal Code!

First Call is a signator to an open letter to Senators in support of repealing section 43 of the criminal code which excuses the physical "correction" of children.

For more information visit the Repeal 43 Committee website.

Learn more by visiting some of our coalition partners web sites:

Let Your Elected Officials Know How You Feel!
Write letters to your MLA, your MP and other municipal officials about child and youth issues. Handwritten letters get the most attention, but any letters you write or sign should include a request for a response.

Join Us!
Become part of the First Call movement by endorsing the First Call Four Keys to Success for children and youth and making a commitment to keep current with the key issues affecting children and youth in the various sectors of health, education, recreation, criminal justice, social services and community and family living; raise awareness of these issues; and mobilize your community to join the First Call Coalition.

Some other ways you can take action on your commitment include: