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First Call Child Labour Campaign Child Labour is No Accident

May 9, 2013: Today First Call: BC Child & Youth Advocacy Coalition published a new research report "Child Labour is No Accident: The Experience of BC’s Working Children"

*On the eve of publishing the report, we received important new data from WorkSafe BC. Since it was too late to integrate this new data into the report, we have included it as an addendum.

We want to take this opportunity to extend a thank you to everyone who participated in this project: the youth who shared their stories, our advisory committee, the partner organizations who helped us connect with youth in their communities; the facilitators and interviewers for their work on the ground; our editors and designer, and project funder, the Law Foundation of British Columbia, for providing us with the resources to bring them all together.

We encourage you to share the report with your networks, and to help us create the momentum needed to ensure that the problems highlighted by this report receive the attention they deserve, and result in concrete policy changes.

Building on this research, our next step will be writing a policy framework to present to the new government to guide the changes necessary to protect BC's children and youth.

Media Coverage of the Child Labour Report:

We were thrilled that the report was featured on the front page of the print edition of the Vancouver Sun and that Adrienne's oped was published:

Living Wage for Families Project

Visit our campaign website at www.livingwageforfamilies.ca!

Early Childhood Development Roundtable

The First Call ECD Roundtable continues to bring together early childhood advocates to monitor how public policy and investments are serving our youngest children. Participants share information on the state of services and supports in their local communities and on new developments in their fields of work. The recent cuts to the national child care program and provincial child care services have prompted a dialogue with the provincial government, trying to track and influence government decision-making, spending and plans for this sector. The Roundtable has also focused on the shift of responsibility for early learning to the Ministry of Education. Always the Roundtable tries to bring attention to the need for a comprehensive framework for action for early childhood development in BC.

Ongoing work
First Call staff and volunteers continue to offer training workshops and presentations on child and youth issues and advocacy skills. We produce tool kits, commentaries, briefs and other materials for community advocates to use. The First Call newsletter, the Child and Youth Advocate, reaches over 2000 people with the latest news and calls to action. Monthly coalition meetings focus on various issues under the 4 Keys to Success for children and youth and facilitate dialogue across sectors and with government decision-makers.