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The First Call Coalition is made up of over 95 provincial/regional partner organizations and a network of community partners and individuals committed to the Four Keys to Success for Children and Youth. More partners are always welcome. Find out how to become a partner.

First Callís work is guided by a coordinating committee that is comprised of individual volunteers from partner organization. The committee generally meets monthly, and First Call staff representation is included. The committee seeks representation from partners that work in each of the 4 Keys to Success, as well as individuals with specific interests such as fundraising, finance, personnel, and communications. Members of the coordinating committee essentially have two functions. They are a liaison between the full Coalition, which provides overall direction for the work, and the staff who perform much of the work. Coordinating committee members also provide leadership to the Coalition's work. For example, they may chair working committees in one of the 4 Keys to Success areas (e.g. ECD Roundtable), lead the personnel, finance, or fundraising committees, speak on behalf of the Coalition, and review and advise on draft materials.

As a movement we encourage everyone to get involved to ensure that children and youth have a First Call on society's resources. This will ensure that children and youth have the opportunities and resources required to achieve their full potential and participate in the challenges of creating a better society.

Our Coalition Partner Organizations:

BC Representative for Children and Youth 
Public Health Agency of Canada 
Ministry of Children and Family Development   
Human Early Learning Partnership, UBC 
BC School Trustees’ Association